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What’s better than gumbo?
LOTS OF IT!! And that is what’s in store for you, so bring an appetite!

Friday Night 7:00 – 9:00
Pre Festival Street Party
Waylon Thibodaux
We’ll be Dancin in The Streets

Ask yourself what the largest pot of gumbo you’ve ever seen looks like – then multiply that by a thousand and prepare to be amazed! We will have the Pot here for you to see in October 2014, and then in March 2015 we will be Cookin up thousands of pounds of seafood in the World’s Largest Pot at the

2015 LA Gumbo Festival.

Check out the BIG recipe

List of World Record Ingredients!

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A Battle of Epic Proportions

Anytime you talk about cookin there are two places that come to mind. LA & LA The battle is always of epic proportion and who does it best is always the question. Gumbo Masters from both LA’s will battle it out to see which LA takes the prize this fall at the October 4th LA Gumbo Festival.
Read More about the ongoing battle